Why You Should Hire A Digital Marketing Consultant For Your Business?

You should hire a Digital Marketing consultant so that –

  1. You Generate more leads & win more revenue
  2. Your business is Found online across the strategic channels
  3. You Build a brand for your business

Marketing for a business can no longer be considered an expense.

Traditional Marketing v/s Digital Marketing

In the traditional marketing methods, the easiest way to reach out to a target customer was probably by printing a bunch of flyers and brochures, exchanging visiting cards, or making cold telephonic calls or meeting a few customers in person.

Time was not a scarce resource back then & it was relatively easy to crack deals and win new customers.

But what worked back then, may not entirely work for 2018 and the future to come.

Think about it.

How many different social media channels do you use in a typical day?

  1. Whatsapp – The moment you wake up, you glance at the list of unread WhatsApp messages
  2. Facebook – You open the Facebook App & look for unread notifications. Probably, you even scroll through the feed.
  3. YouTube / NetFlix / Amazon Prime / Facebook Video – You consume video of your choice throughout the day
  4. Search on Google – At your job or for your personal needs, you probably summon Google multiple times a day

The list will be endless if I try and list many different scenarios in our daily life.

New Apps come to life almost every single day & find their way on your phone.

Devices like Alexa, Google Home connect your voice directly to the internet.

New Technology launched in the market come up with varied screen sizes too.

All this spells opportunity. What if Your Business was found by your customer on the device he uses & the favorite app he browses regularly?

Digital Marketing needs to be unique for social media channels, search engines, apps & screen sizes

A Digital Marketing Consultant can help you optimize your business’ presence through the content he creates on the internet so that you get a chance to win new customers.

This is why you can no longer consider Digital Marketing as an expense for your growing business.

At Innovators Digital, I work as a Digital Marketing Consultant based from Pune. I like to work with customers where I have a 3-6 month timeline, to the least to make a difference in their business.

As a consultant, I offer a bunch of services including the ones listed below –

Digital Marketing Consultant Innovators Digital

Top 5 Reasons You should Hire a Digital Marketing Consultant

I leave you with 5 top reasons why you should hire a digital marketing consultant for your business –

Digital Marketing Consultant - why to hire one

Marketing Expertise On Hire

A Digital Marketing professional will invest his time on staying updated with the latest knowledge in the Online Marketing space. Be it newer trends in optimizing your content for all major search engines, or new ways to run paid ads & so on, you can expect him to help you build a robust multi-channel / multi-device Online Marketing Plan unique to your business.

Process Driven Approach

It is easy for digital marketing efforts to be disorganized. As marketing keeps on getting more personalized for your customers’ needs, it is important that there is a process that forms a basis for all your digital efforts. A Digital Marketing expert will help you build this process in terms of content creation and its’ distribution across the designated social media channels

Data-Driven Decision Making

As they say, What cannot be measured, cannot be improved. A Digital Marketing expert will leverage analytics tools to keep a pulse on various campaigns. He will use the data to make relevant decisions for campaigns to be run in the future. Therefore, your campaigns will be healthy and keep giving you results.

Cost-Effective & Affordable

Digital Marketing services need not always be a costly affair. A professional digital marketing agency will always make it a point to customize their plans for your needs. Plans can start from as little as 5,000 INR a month and go up to 2,00,000 INR a month too.

You are able to focus on your core business

The job of a well-defined marketing strategy is to communicate your business’ value proposition to its customers, generate new leads for the business & build a brand by creating a solid presence.

The other part of course is to free your bandwidth so that you can focus on the core of the business itself.

That’s why you should hire a Digital Marketing consultant for your business.

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