Why having just a Website is no longer enough?

Having a website for your business is no longer enough. There’s a lot more that marketers and business owners will need to do to stay relevant in an ever changing business landscape.

Can you remember the late 1990’s when the Internet suddenly became ubiquitous? That was the time when the desktops reigned in everyone’s homes & the laptops were probably owned by a select few. The smart-phones were non-existent & the social media revolution, probably had not even been conceived.

Businesses relied on their field sales teams to make the first connect with a customer

In a world that was not really well-connected as yet, businesses relied on their sales guys to make the visit, find a prospect and win a new customer.

Once the Internet came in, some of the business owners invested a certain sum of money to book their domain and get a website created.

Soon, the website URL featured on visiting cards & it were the sales guys who did the marketing for the newly created website itself.

It certainly worked, because the website acted as a great way to package everything that the company had to offer on a single domain for prospective customers to see and therefore decide about an impending purchase.

However, as websites became ubiquitous, prospective customers became well-informed about various vendors beforehand and were able to make an informed decision.

business websites attract prospective buyers

The Search Engines made possible for business owners to scale their sales teams less rapidly

The major search engines including Google, Yahoo, AOL and others made it possible for online visitors to access information at their fingertips.

A lot of good came through this for the business owners. By investing in a website, they were able to scale their sales teams less rapidly or re-align them to higher value deals.

If that was not enough, the entire social media revolution bloomed with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many more were created for specific target audiences.

business website seo strategy

Why just having a business website no longer enough?

We live in a world today where information is being accessed on multiple devices of different sizes, multiple social networks, industry specific marketplaces, via search engines & in different ways including voice, videos, graphics, images & text.

The Internet has literally opened up new avenues to do business & helped business owners to scale their operations rapidly.

While traditional businesses still continue to thrive, chances are that without careful investment on mediums of digital marketing in the coming decade, their scale will continue to be limited. Maybe, the overall business may reduce as well.

In the pre-internet era, the corporate office or a shop was the only way for customers to interact with your business directly. The Sales associates distributed visiting cards & that’s how businesses were built.

Today, a carefully created website has become the store-front in itself & your visitors can visit this storefront from the comfort of their homes.

Moreover, the entire social media revolution has altered the ways in which consumers can interact with each other and the brands they love. They now have greater power to voice their opinions, connect with other fellow consumers and therefore have an increased influence over marketers and the brands they manage.

business website - leverage social media

Marketers on the other hand can no longer limit their skill-set towards investing into advertising or simply managing events.

They need to be completely cognizant of developing personalized user experiences across multiple channels, by creating content & spending mindfully in advertising to make the brand discover-able to prospective customers.

Furthermore, you may have experienced that retaining an existing customer and keeping him happy can literally impact a businesses revenue positively than going after a new customer at all times.

In line with that thought, a marketer will also need to create experiences both online and offline, albeit strategically to re-engage an existing customer and keep him happy.

That’s why, just having a website is no longer enough. To succeed, it will be necessary to invest in your marketing regularly to not only win new customers, or to retain the existing ones, but to help your own brand emerge as well.

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business website - personalized user experiences

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