Top 10 Off-Page SEO Questions Answered

There’s more to SEO than just optimizing your landing pages for your target keywords. Off-Page SEO in the simplest terms means building your website’s reputation, relevance, authority, awareness and trust. These activities happen outside of your website to help your pages rank on the first SERP.

Oftentimes, Link Building is associated with Off-Page SEO, but there are more tactics that an SEO Expert can leverage. Off-Page SEO helps Search Engine understand how people perceive you as a brand, they consider your social signals – how popular you are on Social Platforms and which websites vouch for your content.

Here are the top 10 questions that people ask when tackling the Off-Page SEO Activities.

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Which one should be done first, On-Page SEO or Off-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO refers to the tactics applied on the website. It is the foundation of any web page. It includes tactics like Shorter User-Friendly URLs, Meta Tags, Header tags and Keyword rich content.

Off-Page SEO involves tasks done off the website which focuses more on getting traffic to your website. It is a passive activity that should be done once your content is ready to be shared to the audience.

Just like a building is not liveable till the construction is complete and the walls holding it in place, Off-Page SEO should not be done till you have optimized your content with the On-Page SEO elements.

What are the best Off-Page SEO techniques?

There are several Off-Page techniques that can help you build the relevance and authority of your website, as well as rank your pages higher on the SERP. Some of the best tactics that work for most of the businesses are –

Backlinks: Backlinks are basically the links you get from other websites.

Forums: They give you the perfect opportunity to set yourself up as an ‘Expert’ in your field.

Social Media Marketing: Optimize your profile with the right keywords. Share your blog content with your audience.

Guest Posting: Helps with backlinks, creating brand awareness and reaching a new set of audience.

Influencer Marketing: Helps in increasing your Brand Awareness.

Other tactics that you can focus on include –

  • Brand Mentions
  • Content Marketing
  • PR
  • Local Listings
  • Commenting on other blog posts
  • Broken Link Building
  • Q&As
  • Newsletters
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Infographics/Videos/Images Submission
  • Blog Directory or Article Submission

How do I track competitors Off-Page SEO activities?

There are a lot of tools at your disposal to analyse your competitors’ off-page activities. Most of them are paid tools and you should definitely check out all of them once by using their free trial version:

One of the best tools to track Backlinks would be Ahrefs Backlink Profile. Go to Site Explorer, type in your competitor’s domain or the exact page you want to analyze Backlinks of, and then check out their Backlinks Profile. Find Lost or Broken Links that you can use as an opportunity to get a backlink from that site with your updated content.

off-page seo AHREFS tool

Use ‘Link Intersect’ to compare your own website with your competitor’s website and find out more Link Opportunities.

off-page seo ahrefs tool

What is Guest Posting?

Guest Posting or Guest Blogging means contributing a blog article to another blogger’s website and getting a backlink from the same – either through a link on the content or a link in the Author Box.

In this Link Building Strategy report by Semrush, Guest Posting is the top recommended Off-Page Strategy that marketers opt for.

Guest Posting isn’t just a best strategy for building backlinks, but it can also help your business build more awareness, targeting a similar set of audience that might have never heard of you before, and position yourself as a go-to in your industry.

To find guest blogging opportunities, find out the top blog websites in your industry (top ‘specific industry’ blog list). You can make your search creative by adding in ‘write for us’, ‘guest contributors’ and make a list of these blogging sites. Shoot off emails to them pitching about your idea/blog post.

You can check out Guest Blogging for Beginners for more information.

What is Social Bookmarking? Is it still a good Off-Page SEO activity?

Social Bookmarking, as the name suggests, means saving a web page to a Social Bookmarking website so you can revisit it at a later date. As an SEO Specialist, you can share or post your website links on these platforms, so users of these sites have access to the links.

Links are the driving factor of Off-Page SEO, and the more you share your links, the more visibility your website gets, and in turn, more traffic.

Other than Link Building, Social Bookmarking sites also help you understand what is trending on the Internet, what content gets the more likes and shares, and what you can focus on.

Check out this article to learn more about Social Bookmarking.

Popular Bookmarking Sites are –

  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Pocket
  • Dig
  • Mix
  • Reddit
  • Slashdot
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Why are backlinks important?

Link Building forms the center of an Off-Page SEO Strategy. Search Engines track the backlinks that a certain website has, and determines how relevant it is for a user. Backlinks act as a vote of confidence from the websites that give out the links. The more DA those websites have, the higher the quality of the backlink.

Backlinks help you increase your own visibility on the internet. If the Website giving you a backlink has a high DA and they give you a ‘DoFollow’ link (more on this below), the link equity is passed on to your website thereby boosting your DA.

DA i.e., Domain Authority is an important metric to consider when building an Off-Page SEO Strategy.

How can no follow links help in Off-Page SEO?

There are two types of links – dofollow and nofollow. On a default level, if a link isn’t attributed to nofollow, it automatically becomes a dofollow link.

A Dofollow link passes the link juice of the website to the other links. This means a dofollow link can affect your SERP rankings. For example, if you are a new Digital Marketer, and say Neil Patel vouches for you as an expert, people will assume you are an authority in the field. Some of his reputation is passed on to you. It is the same way a Dofollow link functions.

Whereas, a nofollow link does not pass on the link equity to the linked web pages. They do not directly affect the page ranking.

So, what’s the use of having a nofollow backlink?

For one, Google prefers that a website has a mix of nofollow and dofollow links. A website needs to have a natural backlink profile – a mix of both. Nofollow links can help you increase your dofollow links, get valuable organic traffic and grow your brand awareness. Check out this article on What is a Nofollow link by Brian Dean, which explains how Nofollow links can help with your SEO.

What Off-Page SEO tools do you use for backlinks?

Some free tools to analyse a website’s backlinks include –

Some freemium to paid tools that you should definitely check out include –

Are Question and Answer-sites a good source for link building?

Q&A sites can be your great asset if used correctly. Sites such as Quora are used by people to ask questions and discover solutions. Although people are looking for actual people to answer and not a sales pitch, you have to keep in mind how you will phrase your answers for the questions pertaining to your industry.

Although the links from these websites are Nofollow links, they can still help drive relevant traffic to your website. The trick here is to answer questions that your business can solve with your product or service and build yourself as an expert.

Using these Q&A sites should definitely be a part of your Off-Page strategy.

What off-page SEO activities should be done on a daily basis?

Off-Page SEO is more of a passive activity. It depends on the clients you are working on. For some brands, some of the tactics might not be relevant. But in a nutshell, tasks that can be done on a Daily Basis include–Q&A, Blog Commenting, Social Media Posts, Directory Submissions, and Social Bookmarking.

There should be a proper strategy and time allotted for Backlink research and outreach campaigns, creating high-quality content that is keyword rich, optimizing On-Page elements so Off-Page tactics go smoother.

A well-optimized page can reach the top SERP if the content is of high quality, and has good UX and UI. But with Off-Page Strategy, it can help not just push you on the top but also increase your Domain Authority, boost your visibility on the Internet and help you in your marketing strategies – positioning, brand awareness and so on.

SEO doesn’t show you quick results, but in the long run, all your efforts do pay off – if done properly.

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