Should I sell on Amazon or my own website?

Should I rent some space or own my web-store?

As a seller, when you are planning to sell your products on Amazon, you are basically renting out some space on their platform to sell your products & make money.

So, the real question you are dealing with is – Should I rent some space or buy my own?

Platforms like eBay, Flipkart, Amazon and many others are marketplaces. Marketplaces are created to get sellers on a common platform so that the buyers are able to make their choice.

Have you ever been to a physical marketplace?

While there are many sellers selling the same products, everyone does business.

However, the seller who has greater control over their products pricing, variety and promotions probably does the best business.

How do marketplaces work in the virtual world?

The platforms I referred to above are marketplaces in the virtual world. As with the physical marketplaces, they attract a large audience.

So, if you have control your own inventory and its pricing, selling online can be done in minutes.

If you are a brand-new merchant, trying to check the demand for your products, a virtual marketplace like Amazon is a great way to begin.

But, once you are in, focus on building your own audience steadily but surely and start investing into your own web store.

Here are a bunch of reasons why owning your own web-store is helpful –

  1. You are able to customize the overall look and feel of your website
  2. Since your audience comes directly to your website, it helps the search engine rankings of your website too
  3. You are your own competition. There’s no other merchant that your audience will compare your pricing with
  4. Since the online marketing landscape is so huge and ever changing, you can leverage it effectively to drive traffic to your own domain
  5. There’s no seller commission that you would have to pay, like you did while selling on the marketplace

It’s perfectly okay to sell both on the virtual marketplace & your website, though.

Let’s take an example:

Consider you are shopping for a pair of brand new Rebok shoes and you type in the search query that is – “Buy Rebok Shoes Online”

When I typed in this query, the entire first page of the Google Search Engine Results Page was full of links from marketplaces like Amazon, Jabong, Shopclues and the rest.

The reason for this being, Google ranks these websites to the top of the search results page because they are relevant, have a high amount of credible traffic & match the user’s shopping intent.

Is it enough to build your web-store and expect it to sell your products on its own?

For building your own domain to this level of ubiquity takes time.

It is a mix of multiple strategies that include –

  1. Social Media Advertising across channels selected for your business
  2. Investment into organic and paid search engine optimization
  3. Creation of relevant content
  4. Optimization of Site Speed and Design for a superior User Experience
  5. Employing Marketing Automation Tools to bring back the audience back to your website

Neither are the 5 points mentioned above a comprehensive list, nor you might need to employ all the possible strategies to build your own store.

However, it goes on to also make a point, that just having a web-store is no longer enough. There needs to be an effort put towards bringing the traffic to your web-store & then doing everything possible to keep them engaged on it.

A Digital Marketing Expert can help you strategize avenues for you depending on your goals and advertising budget.

But, in a nutshell, it is always better to develop your own web-store once you have been able to build a solid audience for your business.

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